Lehnhoff consulting has played a leading role in the following projects:

  • Development and design of WTG and WTG components from 600 kW up to 3 MW (Senvion, Vestas, Mitsubishi)
  • Development and design of a 5 MW offshore wind turbine (Areva Wind M5000)
  • Implementation and management of a series production of offshore wind turbines (Areva)
  • Consultancy for offshore wind turbine developments (CSSC, Guodian United Power, Suzlon, Zhejiang Windey, MingYang)
  • Technical due diligence for an offshore wind farm share acquisition (NL)
  • Planning and implementation of offshore wind farms (Alpha-Ventus, Baltic 1, Butendiek, Nordergruende, Yunlin)
  • Consultancy for planning, tendering, and contracting of main packages of a floating offshore wind farm (NOR)
  • Technical and contractual consultancy of an offshore wind farm in operation (GER)
  • Offshore Wind feasibility study for the Bay of Bengal (Asian Development Bank)
  • Conceptual advisory and negotiation support for offshore wind turbine supply and service contracts (KR)